Offset Printing

In general offset expression is a printing system that today is widely used to print a variety of brochures, catalogs, posters, business cards, general forms and summaries of anything that is to be printed on paper with high circulation and quality.

The advantages of offset printing are the speed and precision of the machine, which makes printing work with your speed and order in high circulations. Offset printing machine can print texts and images with the best quality. In offset printing, using high-quality zinc and inks, the number of printed works up to one million circulations can also be done, which is more affordable in terms of price than digital printing.

The advantages of offset printing include the highest print quality and its durability, low printing cost, durability and high speed of printing stereotype production as well as its high circulation, which gives you the ability to have high quality printing.

It may be important to you that daria’s printed finished product is of high quality at the time of delivery to you, the printing group of Idea and Khelaqat Respina Agency with experts, technicians and printing supervisors who are watching the production and printing process all the time when producing printed products, this ensures that the final product is delivered with the highest quality and color and all their concerns. it destroys .


  • Print headers, envelopes, business cards, greeting cards
  • Types of catalogs, books, brochures, office sets, calendars and dedicated calendars
  • Printing and production of paper and cardboard stands
  • Printing all kinds of ubler, dengler, store shelf tuckers
  • Printing and production of packaging and cardboard boxes
  • Printing and producing a variety of advertising shaping bags using the most up-to-date printing machines, the finest material before printing and utilizing the best quality of consumables such as printing ink, verni, water base and UV inks