What Should Marketers Do?

Nothing is more important than being with a customer at the time of the downturn. At the present time, we need to know what is important to our customers. We need to try to preserve the strengths that we have and do more for them. Staying with customers or consumers is easy, but easily forgotten, or easily excluded from activities during record time. Perhaps it is because operational measures are more important. You can refer to these 10 commands to get closer to the customer:

    1.  Focus on your best customers, those who want to work with you, those who prefer you and advise others, and those that are profitable for you to serve.
    2.  Look for changes in their preferences. Customers’ preferences change during the downturn, so you need to know what they need in the current time and what they don’t care about.
    3.  Make further suggestions and pay attention to meeting their needs specifically.
    4.  Communicate with them through appropriate methods. During the record, the individual, the outside environment and the adventure are less important than family, home and security.
    5.  Treat customers more personally and understand their differences and needs. It is only through this that you can better understand them and provide them with the right services.
    6.  Create relationships and not trades. Don’t just offer discounts and don’t push them any further.
    7.  Share their pain and sorrow, and do more for them. For example, by adding better terms on payments, lower prices or by adding more products and services.
    8.  Connect your customers with each other, for example, introduce customers who have similar ideas in sports or recreation through virtual networks.
    9.  Keep talking to them. In a situation of stagnation, it’s easy to forget about customers, and that’s just as long as they need more support and support. SMS, Internet and newsletters are useful tools in this area.
    10.  Give them energy. It’s a tough situation and the confidence has diminished. Give them joy and talk to them about positive things.