BTL Department

We want to tell you the word BTL first.

The BTL method of underline advertising is the type or technique of advertising that is used to create interest or encourage consumers to buy goods. In fact, unlike top-of-the-line ads targeting hordes of audiences, this kind of technique targets specific audiences for their programs. This type of advertising includes sempling, brochures, catalogs, tracts, advertising in stores and explaining goods, etc. be.

InBTL promotions, companies are more likely to realize and research the audience and the language and culture governing the region where advertising is supposed to take place. Or in other words, this type of advertising prepares data and information for you to identify your needs and customers in different regions.

Respina’s ideas and creativity agency, with its innovative and innovative thoughts and ideas, set up this unit to meet the needs of its customers in this field. And along with brand owners and companies, provide their customers with important data and information about their business practices and audiences.


  • Planning & Strategy
  • Management and design of innovative ions
  • Rudsho
  • Personal Sales
  • Sempling
  • Market Processing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Partisan Marketing
  • Market Research