Holding conferences

It may be hard for many to believe that they can even introduce their brand at the biggest conferences, conferences and forums, but today it is unmatched by the promotional advances.

And at times the feedback is more than other methods of advertising. Keep in mind that you are the organizer or sponsor of an international event, the number of important domestic and foreign guests of this event who will see you and will be curious to get to know you better and even introduce your products to other parts of the world, what an important promotional project for your brand.

In the new era, major companies not only participate in important events and even sometimes are the main sponsors or organizers of the event, and this is itself a new way of advertising.

Respna’s Idea and Creativity Agency, utilizing experts in the field of design, ideation and implementation, is able to hold the best and largest international events, unveil the product and services and hold the largest conferences.