Brand Value

Cost Association

What is the concept of mental association?

Images, memories and ideas that are mixed with the brand in the mind of the customer and this is the meaning of the brand in the eyes of the customer.

How is mental association worth creating?

Mental associations can make the brand more attractive to customers and increase their purchase rate.

Subjective associations lead to differentiation of brand name with competitors.

Customers often purchase based on the concepts and signs of a brand in the world, powerful brand names increase the purchase rate and repeat the purchase of previous customers and attract new customers.

Quality harvesting

What is the concept of quality perception?

Consumers’ assessment of brand quality is based on their expectations and demands of it.

How valuable is the perception of quality?

Consumers are willing to pay higher prices for goods that they consider to be of higher quality.

The amount of customers’ purchases increases, distributors and retailers are also more willing to buy goods that they consider to be of superior quality.

Quality perception increases the brand position in entering new business areas (product category development, product line development) and entering new markets.

Awareness and Awareness

What is the concept of consciousness?

Familiarity of customers with the brand means their awareness of the brand.

Customer awareness, how valuable is it?

Consumers in general are more interested in well-known and familiar products and brands.

In many shopping processes consumers quickly choose their familiar brand names and avoid paying attention to unfamiliar and unknown names.


What is the concept of loyalty?

The brand’s emotional proximity to customers in a way that this close relationship leads to a repeat of their purchase.

How is loyalty valuable?

Reduce herines, acquire new customers

Retailers and distributors are more likely to buy the brand.

Loyal customers with a definition of the values and interests of the product, lead to attracting new customers to the brand. (Word of Mouth Marketing)

In case of facing market developments, the company enjoys peace of mind and feels safer than competitors.