What companies have been most successful?

Today, the most successful marketing leaders in these cases have significant talents:

Attracting customers:

They encourage everyone in the organization to think about the customer and provide them with better services.

Business Innovations:

They have a creative force based on change and new ideas that turn innovations into profits.

Growth criteria:

They have strategic thinking that focuses on effort, how to differentiate and what’s most important. They need strong cooperation, strategic and operational thinking with other colleagues in business and not just in their organizational unit.

Examples of organizations with excellent marketing include:

Disney, Proctrand & Gamble, General Electric, Visa Vogol, none of these organizations have any unique leaders. Their success is the result of team efforts and sometimes several marketing managers for each part of the market. It is in these organizations that the CEO is often a marketing thinker who is such a business as A.J. Laffley.