Environmental Media and Press

The existence of an environmental propaganda medium within the confines of life has made this medium a permanent neighbor, meeting and being there is unavoidable, as it can be called a neighbor.

These media are among the most deeply rooted propaganda tools in human history, from the first newspaper published to the present day that modular structures are located alongside it.

It can be said that if there is creativity and innovation in this medium, he is a hegemonist and it affects media such as radio and television.

Visual beauty and conceptual expressiveness of environmental advertising, while creating beautiful landscapes in the city, can create a suitable image of your brand in the mind of the audience.

Having experienced people in the field of environmental media and the press, this complex has designed and planned the media and created new advertising ideas for its customers.


    • Planning environmental and press advertisements
    • Targeting environmental and press advertising
    • Press Advertising
    • Press Ad
    • Ad Report
Environmental media and press