Digital Printing

Digital printing is one of the ways to convert digital images into printed products. This method usually involves professional printing in small circulations by desktop publishing and other digital sources. Digital printing costs more per page than traditional methods such as offset printing, but this higher price is usually compensated for low-number circulations by saving other costs in the preparation of printing plates.

By establishing and setting up a printing management system using experts, this complex has taken an important step towards providing the best printing services.Providing the most advanced printing machines as well as binding and packaging, has made it possible to execute a variety of printing and packaging orders in this unit.


Print outer spaces.

Printing interiors: With the ability to print matte and glossy photoglasses, lightweight and heavy coated, canvas paper, etc.

Indoor interiors printing coating: with cold and hot coating, matte and shiny and patterned.

Printing on hard objects: glass, ceramic, carton plast, MDF, etc.

Digital printing and all kinds of spring metal bindings, paperbacks, gallingors, etc.

Prefabricated exhibition structures: design, implementation and construction by a variety of pop-ups, pop-up counters, cylindrical pop-ups and special showcase pop-ups, etc.

Exhibition stands: a variety of roll-up stands (fixed, revolving and two-way), X, cross, wall-picker, a flag with a height of 5 meters, V.C cement countertops, portable showcases, brochures, 28mm lightboxes, panel stand, etc.

Store stand: Design and manufacture of different types of stand products and cutstands.

Production of billboards: fluent LED panel, composite, trivision panel, cutter plotter, flexiface, revolving panel, embossed letters, signpost, banner lamppost, neon, LED, etc.

Design and production of a variety of appreciation tablets and metal statues, plexigliers and combinations.

Preparation and installation of light letters, chelinium, plexidation, sticker and foam board for exhibition stands.

digital print