Brand and company registration

Branding its location includes branding for the country, city, tourist destinations and multipurpose business centers. Any branding program developed for the place in the general sense of the word should put reaching consensus about the identity of its brand among numerous stakeholders.

Understanding the difference between branding and forming and creating an image in introducing branding with marketing methods is very easy, but it is not a source of special value.

Brand Execution

Leadership in the field of brand management has a main objective:

    1. Ability to lead brand management organization
    2. ability to keep the brand management process alive despite the hard resistance

of the importance of having an active leader, individually group, which can cooperate with the group of companies in the place of ministers of its sectors, at the same time, Hara’s activities towards the common goals of coordinating the success of branding is quite evident.

Services of brand and company registration department

      1. Company Registration (Public Joint Stock – Private Joint Stock – Limited Liability)
      2. Company Changes
      3. Brand and trademark registration
      4. Registration of industrial plan
      5. Patent
      6. Business Card
      7. Establishment Permit
      8. Operation License
      9. Business License
      10. Setting legal contracts